• Who we Are

    Dear Valued Job seeker

    ICareer Egypt is a new concept of development for the Egyptian Job seekers.

    Some say their are not sufficient jobs for the great workforce in Egypt and in the middle East. well, we say thats not entirely correct.At some point in the past the education in schools and universities lost correlation with the workforce Marketplace requirements. so you may find qualified people but not needed to the business owners. 50% of the unemployment problem lies in developing needed professionals to fill the marketplace needs. Development is our field and we are willing to go the distance until we turn, as much as we can, unprofessional workforce into high class professionals in all specialities at all ages; we help ALL be ready for hire by the most sophisticated multinational organizations in the middle east. we do that through Software technolgy made by the best experts in the field utilizing science and dedication .

    The first step is to build a comprehensive CV for your so called "Job Value".

    just contact us with your desired job title(s) and will reply in 24hrs with the qualifiers for this title(s).from that point our development process shall start.

    when you register to our website you will instantly recieve the following (7) services.

    1- Ability to fill 3 resumes for your self (Present CV - Future CV - Final CV)

    2- Ability to instantly Print /Download any CV in quality format (doc-pdf).

    3- Ability to search live jobs posted in our website from the biggest   multinational companies in Egypt.

    4- ability to contact the companies direct thru your account via  email or links and place your profissional Final CV to them.

    ( Replies from the companies regarding your application shall be sent directly to your personal email (we will not be notified))

    5- We issue for you a recomendation letter  testifiying about your managerial and business qualities based on psychometric test we make for you approved by the American psychological association (APA).

    6- We send you on weekly basis the new job openings that match you.

    7- We send you on weekly basis the new Grants and schoolerships that you are elligible to.

    we are willing to help you get the job of your dream ......
    Are you ready to do the same for your self?
    Drop disappointment and doubts ,
    Move from your comfort Zone and walk the distance with us,
    listen to our directions,just listen.we will never fail you.
    be positive to your career and reach up to your dreams.
    Come ,Act now.
    We are specialized in you